Jazz Fest Trends

I’m a little late with this posts, but still wanted to share with you my findings at the 2011 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. It was a perfect Jazz Fest year here in New Orleans. No rain and it was breezy yet sunny; making for perfect festival weather. ¬†Living in a city filled with festivals, the biggest question once spring hits is “what will you wear to “this” festival”? We need a separate wardrobe just for festivals down here.

For my visit to jazz fest,I went with a tribal colorful print summer dress with silver bangle bracelets, sandals with a personal touch that consisted of a Krewe of Muses Necklace.

Take a look at my findings from 2011. Hopefully it may give locals and anyone around the world attending an outdoor festival a helping hand!

Jazz Fest Trends

  1. Short Shorts. ( Light Denim)
  2. Summer Dresses. (Knee Length, Long and Flowing, Waisted Dresses, Tube Top Dresses)
  3. Patterns. ( Tribal, Stripes)
  4. Colors. (Orange, Pink, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red)
  5. Half Shirts.
  6. Accessories. (Flowers in hair, Straw Hats, Silver Bangle Bracelets)


Author: shercole

I'm an alien from outer-space from a galaxy far away called New Orleans. I love makeup, art, and Prince and wish there was a way to have them all surround me at the same time. I do a little of everything, a modern day Superwoman. I write, I manage, I consult, I just Do, sorta like Nike. I have an obsession with eye-shadow, craft projects, randomly singing to people, pretending I can paint, and just being creative. I have an extensive button and sunshades collections that most grown-ups shouldn't. I live for sales, don't believe in paying full price except for purses, makeup, and spa visits. I'm also known as a nerd with experience all across the board and a couple degrees that help pave my way into the Geek Hall of Fame. I'm just a modern day Southern Belle with many quirks to keep you guessing for days. Just like my city, known for its gumbo... I'm a eclectic soul made of all sorta good stuff, along with a bag full of lipsticks.

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