Heel Sock Combo?

The Ever So Interesting Heel Sock Combo:

This trend has been around for some time now, from the runways, to celebrity street chic, to style mavens. Some may say this is a major fashion faux pas and others may say its a daringly unique trend. I think its a great vintage look paired with the right clothing of course. I haven’t pulled this look off yet but I’ve definitely considered giving it a test drive.

There’s a vast assortment of socks to try! You can go for neutral colors, loud colors, or colors similar to the heel. There are knee high socks, novelty, argyle, lace, or even sheer socks. Ankle socks just won’t work.

This trend is definitely tricky to pull off. I think this look works great on long legs with strappy chunky gladiator heels, wedges, and booties.


A few outfit ideas from style mavens to match your style.

Vintage Junkie

Laid back yet trendy


Modern with a vintage flair


Celebrity inspired:

Here’s a photo of Rihanna on set of her new 2011 video Man Down wearing lime green socks and red polka dot heels with a white and lavender dress.

on set her “What’s my Name” video with the same trend.

Rihanna is a prime example of what fashion should be effortless, FUN, and self expressive.


Make sure your socks arent too chunky and the shoes arent too fancy.

No ankle socks the taller the socks the better.

Do a test run before wearing them all day to make sure you are comfortable.

It isn’t for everybody if you have short legs leave it to the long legged “weirdos,” unless you’re willing to wear short bottoms.

Chunky heels give a better visual balance with the combo.

American Apparel has great lace socks.

The F in fashion stands for FUN so have fun and express yourself :)

Author: VintageVixen

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