Arnaud’s French 75

If you are visiting New Orleans or even live here you need to visit Arnaud’s French 75 Bar at least once. Last night, I had a chance to venture into this wonderful bar, located at  813 Bienville which is connected to the wonderful restaurant Arnaud’s. The atmosphere is wonderful and very classy if I must say so myself. French 75 was originally a gentleman’s only area so you can see that in the decor once you enter the location. The bar is named for its champagne and cognac cocktail, which basically expresses the vibe of this place.


When you visit I definitely recommend you try a cognac, phenomenal. I had the chance to try the Cognac Summit, which was a delightful drink and will make it in to my Top Ten Cocktails List. It  made me feel almost like a grown up drinking it. It wasn’t sweet but wasn’t so strong that it made the drink unbearable for me. Its nice treat for a hot day.  The Cognac Summit consists of ginger, VSOP Cognac, and lemonade. This is a  magnificent drink, especially sitting in the parlor. You can even enjoy a cigar if you like here.


Cognac Summit

1 lime peel

4 thin slices of fresh giner

40ml (1 1/2 oz) VSOP Cognac

60ml(2 oz) traditional lemonade

1 long piece of cucumber peel

4 or 5 ice cubes

Place the lime zest and ginger slices in the glass.  Pour in 40ml (1. 1/2 oz) of VSOP Cognac. Lightly press the lime and ginger 2 to 3 times using a middler. Half fill the glass with ice. Stir well for 5 second using a barspoon. Add 60ml (2oz) of traditional lemonade and cucumber peel. Stir well for 5 seconds using a bar spoon.


Author: shercole

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