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The great thing about being a lady is that we have so many options for our personal beautification projects from different colors, foundations to  cleansers  and more. It’s so much to decide on and make good decisions about.  Sometimes (such as me) we may not have the luxury of time to browse for hours online and in stores for products.   We need something now and preferably for the right price (code for cheap). Let’s say your boss told you today at 5:30pm, he needs you to represent that company at a fun event at 6:00pm. There is no time to make it home and no product but foundation and lipstick in your purse, so what do you do? You need more than those two products and this is when you need your quick solution. *Whispers*  your local drugstore will come to the rescue, yes you heard me right.  Hidden in your local drugstore (well not hidden, but outside of the pharmacy section) you can find many products to create a quick quality look for the right price.

For me, my go to drug store is Walgreens!  What I love about Walgreens there is a whole section of beauty finds usually on sale. I recently visited Walgreens to create two great event looks on the run! I walked out with four items! Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Eye Trio- I Got Good Jeans,  Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow- Purple Reign, Wet n’Wild  Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner Pencil- Taupe, Wet N’ Wild  Silk Finish Lipstick. These products came to approximately $10, which with these sets you can create numerous combinations of looks.

First Look

For this look I wanted to lighten Helen’s eyes, so I went with the Wet N’ Wild Color Eye Palette which comes with three colors: silver, blue, and gold. For those women needing a little more help it even tells you which color goes on each section of the eye.



Fun Outdoor Special Events


  1. Create a shine on your eyebrows! My Secret to make your eyebrows look freshly arched is Walgreens Aloe Vera Gel, not only is it great to soothe after a wax, but gives a great added shine. I have used this Aloe Vera Gel actually for years.
  2. Place base color of gold on the complete lid. This color gold is pretty mild and a great option for darker skin.
  3. In the crease of the eye place the silver shadow to make the color pop a little more and help blend colors together.
  4. Put the blue on the bottom lid to give a full three-dimensional look to the eyes. The blue gave the eye a sexy sultry look complimenting the colors she was wearing. Never match too much with your eyes and outfit.
  5. This look was finished off with the brow/liner pencil. I used the pencil to fill in her eyebrow a little. Note: Never get black if you have black eyebrows, stick to a dark brown to keep it from looking too fake.

Second Look

After Work Networking Event

For this look I decided to do something quick that complimented my outfit color and just create a new blended color that I could do in the bathroom at work if needed. For this look, I used the Rimmel palette to bring out my purple dress.



  1. Create a shine on your eyebrows! (Check Previous Look)
  2. For base color, dark purple placed over the complete lid.
  3. Place the Silver in the crease of the eye to bring it out a little.
  4. On the lower lip place a lighter purple.
  5. On the inner corners of the eyes place a dot of a darker purple
  6. Blend all the colors with one brush to create one new color.
Check out Walgreens.com. Many beauty finds on their website and the weekly specials!


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