Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends 2012/2013

Hi ladies! I’m back , and  I’m here to give you a little inspiration.  Are you bored with your current look and want to try something completely different with your hair? Go on and add a little COLOR to your life.  The trends for this season in the world of color resemble the leaves falling prey to AUTUMNGolds, burnt reds/oranges, mocha browns/red browns, and for the BOLD (like me) Crimson, Ombre shades of the rainbow, deep RAPUNZEL purples  ( a la Katy Perry & upcoming Rapper Azealia Banks). The one thing you must remember when getting color done is to NEVER DO IT YOURSELF.  There is a science to hair color, I advise you to go to a hairstylist who specializes in color.  Doing color yourself can run you into some major problems, not to mention the cost to correct it.  Color correction is far more expensive than getting it done the right way in the first place.  A professional will also know if your hair can withstand the chemicals in the hair color and can give you options such as extensions, clip-in extensions and you can even play with wigs. Take a look at some of these gorgeous pics.  I even have one of myself with my natural hair in a VIBRANT CRIMSON RED (at the top of this blog post)* Azealia Banks aka Young Rapunxel  

Author: Raina

Raina is a native New Yorker and a licensed cosmetologist for over 12 years. She is a celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist who has worked with everyone from Vivica A. Fox to comedian and actress Sommore. She worked at Cheryl 'Salt' James's ( of the rap duo "Salt & Pepa" ) salon where she honed her skills. Raina is currently working as a hairstylist for "Love and Hip Hop New York.

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