Anthony Ryan: Fall/Winter 2013


“The Mind of a Simplistic Forward Thinker”

Anthon Ryan Auld creates fashion to inspire the modern woman with clean lines. Definitive shapes and bold fabric selections his innovative use of color and simple forms continues to bring forward thinking wove striking pieces that are current yet amaranthine.

Look 1: The Onyx Jacket & Linus Dress

Look 2: The Lark Dress

Look 3: The Lex Dress

Look 4: The Raven Top & Neo Pant

Look 5: The Synn Suit & Ty Top

Look 6: The Adro Sweater

Look 7: The Sloane Dress

Look 8: The Via Gown

Look 9: The Neo Top & Lunas Skirt

Look 10: The Milo Dress

Look 11: The Halon Dress

Look 12: The Zy Suit & Mek Top


Author: shercole

I'm an alien from outer-space from a galaxy far away called New Orleans. I love makeup, art, and Prince and wish there was a way to have them all surround me at the same time. I do a little of everything, a modern day Superwoman. I write, I manage, I consult, I just Do, sorta like Nike. I have an obsession with eye-shadow, craft projects, randomly singing to people, pretending I can paint, and just being creative. I have an extensive button and sunshades collections that most grown-ups shouldn't. I live for sales, don't believe in paying full price except for purses, makeup, and spa visits. I'm also known as a nerd with experience all across the board and a couple degrees that help pave my way into the Geek Hall of Fame. I'm just a modern day Southern Belle with many quirks to keep you guessing for days. Just like my city, known for its gumbo... I'm a eclectic soul made of all sorta good stuff, along with a bag full of lipsticks.

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